Psychic, Channeled Angel, and Tarot Readings on Kauai

Rhiannon’s is dedicated to having the best intuitive, Tarot, channel and Angel readers on Kauai, we have had many guest readers come through our doors, but maintain a dedicated group of in-house intuitives that are known for being some of the top psychics on the island. Here are our beloved staff readers, who are also familiar with other spiritual practitioners on Kauai, so if you are looking for something a little different, don’t be shy in asking. We do many referrals to our extended Kauai Spiritual Community Ohana, from spiritual tour guides to unique events happening around the island. We want your visit to Kauai to be as magical and transformational as it can be! Please don’t hesitate to call or text us at (707) 532-GAIA if you have any questions.

Kauai-orbs-goddess-Psychic-readingsErika Morningstar is our primary in house intuitive medium, and Priestess at Residence at Rhiannon’s Kauai Spirit. She started reading tarot over 28 years ago, and opened to channel in her early 20’s.  Erika is a channel for the Angelic Realm, Star Nations, Goddess and Divine Elohim Angels of Creation. She is also a skilled Tarot reader – her readings are done with two decks at once, and combine both the wisdom of the Tarot and Tree of Life journey, with channeled messages from your guides. She works with your higher self, and guides as a team to communicate clearly in your reading. She seeks to EMPOWER her clients to create their best life, and tap into their own intuitive gifts.

Erika has been facilitating readings, workshops and channeling groups since the early 1990’s, appearing internationally at events, Whole Life Expo’s, Star Knowledge Conferences and teaching workshops on how to work with your Angels, Goddess Ceremony, Opening to Channel, Star Nations Contact and facilitating circles as a High Priestess of the Goddess. She is a ‘no bull’ Tarot reader, meaning, she cuts through the woo-woo and metaphysical lingo to give you grounded, real, raw advice with the best possible course of action in the situation. She likes to call herself, ‘A Goddess in Blue Jeans’ – because she is heartedly down to earth, and blessedly messy as anyone in a human body (no popular nowadays fancy, perfect ‘Goddess New Age Guru’ airs!), midwestern raised, she lived on a Native American Indian Reservation for a decade immersed in ceremony, tradition and children, and now a single mama raising three amazing feisty, talented teenagers. Erika is active in her community in non-profit, activism and volunteer work, especially with youth and environmental issues. An empathic introvert at heart, large groups are not her favorite place to be. She is also an under cover marketing maven and Technology Goddess. (Shhhhhh…. that’s her secret obsession, few know she’s really a Goddessy geek).

Psychic Channeled Tarot Angel Readings on KauaiPricing:  Her readings are ahhhh-mazingly affordable, because she thinks charging outrageously high prices for readings makes them inaccessible for the people who often most need urgent help. (This makes her a bit unpopular with other outrageously high priced readers), but, it’s important to remember the price of a reading, does not determine the skill or gifts of a reader, or their personal worth. Erika says, “I have read, literally, for thousands of people in the last 25+ years, I want to work with as many people as possible and share my Divine gifts, so I’ve priced my readings at a rate that allows me to flow with abundance, while making getting a GREAT reading accessible to anyone. Getting good intuitive advice from your guides and Angels, should be as practical and accessible as getting your hair done or a massage. It’s critical, essential  personal care! As women especially, we have to become passionate about self care!”

You can choose either a Tarot Reading with Messages From Your Guides, or Channeled Readings. She is ‘occasionally’ able to accept walk in readings, but your best bet to get a reading with Erika while on Kauai is to BOOK AHEAD of time because she is often booked far in advance.  If you miss her while visiting Kauai, she also does amazing phone readings, distance does not matter when working with your guides!  You can find out more, check her available reading dates, book a phone reading, or book an in person reading at Rhiannon’s Kauai Spirit Metaphysical store in advance with Eri at

Psychic Tarot readings at Rhiannons Kauai Spirit Metaphysical Store

Genora Woodruff Isis  our ARTWALK NIGHT special guest reader. She reads on Kapaa ARTWALK, the 1st Saturday of every month on a WALK IN basis from 5:30 PM to about 8:30. Genora is fluent in more than 20 different Tarot decks. In the 40 years she has practiced the psychic art of Tarot card reading, she has:

Interpreted cards for thousands of people both in person and on the phone.

Created and mastered many different layouts.

Created and taught a six week class titled “How to Read Tarot Card”.

Produced more than a dozen Psychic Faires on the island of Kaua`i.

Created and led several types of evening events.

Read at numerous parties and conventions.

To read with Genora, stop by on 1st Saturday ARTWALK from 5:30 to 8:30