There is always something happening at Rhiannon’s Kauai Spirit, and we usually know what’s happening in the spiritual community around the island, too!  If you are looking for a particular kind of event like full moon gatherings, goddess circles, yoga retreats, classes, musical events, healing modalities or other spiritual happenings, feel free to ask our staff and they can refer you to our extended Ohana community. Here are a few recent and ongoing events at Rhiannon’s, including Art Walk, which happens monthly.

Kapaa Artwalk Night Festival – 1st Saturday of Every Month

Rhiannon’s Kauai Spirit is open late (Usually until 8:30 minimum) on the 1st Saturday of each month, for Old Town Kapaa Artwalk Festival.

Kapaa Trade Center on Artwalk NightIt’s a street festival that brings out local musicians, street performers, vendors, and all sorts of delicious food offerings. Artwalk night is the night we often do ‘secret sales’ – not advertised deals that you have to stop by to discover! We also have a special guest reader, Genora, doing walk-in readings on Artwalk night, and while the street down below is loud, crowded, busy and bustling, upstairs in Rhiannon’s you will find a little oasis of calm and serenity to browse and catch your breath. It usually kicks off around 5pm- 9pm. Artwalk night is not to be missed if you are visiting Kauai!

New Moon Manifestation Goddess Journaling Circle (Monthly)

something wonderful journal circle kauaiAre you ready to create your ‘goals’ and manifest your dreams in 2016? Join us at Rhiannon’s for a FREE “Manifesting my Best year EVER” Life Journaling and Manifesting circle on Thursday, Jan 7th at 6:30 pm.

We will journey together in a simple but powerful closing’ ceremony for 2015, voicing to each other the things we are grateful for the last year, our failures/lessons, our successes, we will get it all out, and let it Goooooo! After closing 2015 officially in our lives, we will create our ‘Best Year EVER! DREAM Journal, setting up visions, goals and an actionable plan to manifest our dreams in 2016! As a Sacred circle, voicing our dreams and goals to one another, while creating a Sacred magickal journal to hold them, allows us to use energy, vision, voice and pen to paper to help our goals manifest. We will create a group vision together, holding our dreams and goals for each other, and also holding each other accountable to taking even ‘baby steps’ towards our visions.

It is soooo important to have a circle where we feel safe to voice our dreams, and community to call upon for support on those days when it all seems impossible, to help us refocus and realign again!

We will also do an oracle card reading together for the new year, to help us understand what energies are before us for each month. This reading goes into our journal so we can refer to it throughout the year.

We will meet once a month in 2016 to support one another in our monthly goals and dreams, journal our next month’s actions, and create simple ceremony to honor what we have achieved, release what did not work, and help one another vision the next steps.

This is a FREE circle, there is no charge, no donation expected. I am creating this to support our community, in launching our dreams into reality!

– Bring a pillow or blanket to sit upon,
– a NEW Journal (we have a few in the store if you need one) –
– pens, markers, glitter, glue, stickers, washi, whatever you want to make your journal YOURS and special.
– an oracle card or Tarot deck that you love for your reading. If you do not have one, we have some in the store you can borrow for the reading.

Let’s create our best year ever in 2016!

Just a few of Our Past Events….

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